Biden’s Negative Image Now Weighing Down Democrat Candidates Nationwide

The Biden presidency is an absolute disaster. Even Democrats and mainstream media outlets that would be ordinarily defending Biden from critics have to admit certain areas where this failed president repeatedly dropped the ball.

Weeks ago, Biden was called out by CNN for his botched messaging on COVID booster shots. Not too long ago, NBC News anchor Chuck Todd also admitted President Biden is struggling with issues regarding his credibility.

Nevertheless, this is the president Democrats rallied behind. The Democrat Party swore up and down that getting Biden into the White House meant having the adults back in the room. Democrats said a President Biden would restore order and unity to America.

After eight months into this presidency, it’s very clear that Biden’s leadership is anything but orderly or unifying. Likewise, the negative image of this president is now wearing down on other Democrats across the nation seeking either election or re-election, per Washington Examiner.

A Negative Domino Effect for the Democrats

The president’s back-to-back failures are impossible to miss. Shutting down Keystone Pipeline, causing an economic crisis, leaving Americans stranded in Afghanistan, causing the deaths of 13 servicemembers, and now the current state of the southern border all happened within eight months.

Biden’s leadership is a reflection of the Democrat Party. Now, many Americans, especially Independent voters and Republican voters, are not so pleased with what they’re seeing. Not only have Independents lost favor towards Biden, but the president’s dismal approval ratings in battleground states aren’t good for Democrats.

In order for the Democrat Party to keep or expand their slim congressional majorities, they’ll need to win battleground states. However, in battleground states like Virginia, Michigan, and Iowa, people aren’t happy with Biden.

To put things in perspective, a Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll taken earlier this month showed that 62% of Iowa residents disapprove of Biden. Democrats, who will be campaigning at least partially on the Biden agenda, don’t have much to brag about.

A Defeated Democrat Party?

The Democrat Party is not in a good place right now. Biden’s horrible approval ratings and terrible track record come on top of other elements working against Democrats. Redistricting across America is a huge factor that’s working favorably for Republicans and not so much for Democrats.

Multiple polls over the course of this year showed that Republicans are very likely to take back the House of Representatives next year. At the rate things are going, the GOP could wind up winning back the Senate majority as well.

It is vital to ensure that Biden and the Democrats do not continue forcing their agenda of failure, negligence, and dystopian mandates onto the American people.

What do you think about Biden’s failures starting to weigh down Democrats nationwide? We want to read about your views in the comments section below.