Biden’s Policies on Guns, Crime Projected to Hurt Democrats in 2022

Joe Biden’s presidency has comprised one major screw-up after the other. Some of the first mistakes by Biden were ending Keystone Pipeline construction, reversing the immigration policies from the Trump administration, and passing expensive spending bills. ‘

This president continues to demonstrate that he lacks even a modicum of fiscal responsibility. Biden simply doesn’t grasp that you cannot tax or overspend a nation into prosperity. He has no regard for the rising national deficit, the increase of crime, or massive inflation all happening under his watch. 

There is no doubt that this president is emboldened by his party controlling the Senate and the House of Representatives. However, what Biden fails to understand is that his current actions are ensuring his party’s downfall, come the 2022 midterm elections, as Fox News confirms. 

Why 2022 Won’t Be a Good Year for the Democrats

President Biden is doing an excellent job of showing the nation what leadership under Democrats looks like. Under Biden’s watch, crime has gone up; rather than taking real proactive steps to drive down crime, this president’s response has been to push for more gun control. 

Biden has shown that not only is the nation more unsafe under Democrats’ watch, but that Democrats will also work to strip Americans of self-defense measures; meanwhile, they also want to make it harder for police to do their jobs.

Biden has yet to acknowledge the role that Democrats’ defund the police movement had on crime. Instead, his White House is too busy lying and claiming that Republicans are the ones defunding police. 

Republicans have a perfect opportunity here to show Americans why they should be voted back into the House and Senate majority come 2022. The GOP isn’t wasting any time, either; Republicans are not only calling out the Biden agenda, but also working to reach voters ahead of 2022. 

Bringing Back Order to America

One of the first steps of restoring order to the United States involves ending the partisan reinforcements that Biden currently has in Congress. Right now, this president is emboldened to do whatever he wants because he knows House and Senate Democrats will largely back him up. 

This needs to change. In less than six months, President Biden has weakened the nation, opened us up to attacks, and ruined stability. Getting Republicans back into congressional majorities means stopping the shenanigans. It also means preventing Democrats from passing radical legislation on party votes alone. 

The madness must come to an immediate halt. 

Do you think President Biden is shooting his party in the foot, ahead of next year’s midterm elections? Do you believe the Republican Party will successfully take back the Senate and House of Representatives from Democrats in 2022? Share your projections below in the comments section.