Biden’s Poll Numbers Not Improving as 2021 Ends

For the better part of the year now, Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been going down faster than the Titanic did. The continuous decline of support for the 46th president is a result of his unsuccessful policies.

As the months have passed, Biden has not learned a lesson, though. As a matter of fact, he’s continued to stand by one failed policy after the next. The president and his administration appear under the illusion that they can somehow escape inflation by passing enough spending bills.

Furthermore, Biden’s actions have led to a crisis in the economy, the energy industry, immigration, and more. Now, Fox News is reporting that as this year comes to an end, Biden hasn’t been doing any better in the polls.

The Continued Downfall of Joe Biden

On Biden’s watch, prices are getting to higher rates than they’ve been in just about 40 years. Meanwhile, the president and his aides in the White House are going across the country, trying to promote bills on infrastructure.

In light of these details, it’s truly no wonder that an NPR/Marist poll shows 51% of the nation disapproves of the job Biden is doing. Meanwhile, only 43% of Americans approve of the way Biden is conducting himself as president.

With slight percentage variations, multiple polls have shown Biden floundering. Across the board and in several surveys, the 46th president’s disapproval ratings are higher than his approval with the public.

Per Marist College Institute officials, many voters view Biden as not in tune with his policies. Likewise, voters are growing increasingly annoyed with both Biden and his White House for doing absolutely nothing to combat inflation.

So long as Biden continues down his current path, his approval ratings will not improve. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if 2022 sees the president’s approval ratings fall into the high 20% to low 30% range.

A Disconnected White House

The White House’s continued disconnect with the American public is precisely why so many Americans don’t approve of Biden. Apparently, the Biden administration is struggling with internal approval ratings as well.

Word has it that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cannot stand one another. Allegedly, Biden is digging into potential ways he can throw Harris out of the vice presidency altogether. There’s even been talk about attempts to shuffle Harris from the vice presidency into the Supreme Court.

However, there are not any vacancies available for Harris to fill.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s ongoing failure to get back into Americans’ good graces and improve his pathetic poll numbers? Do you think the president’s approval ratings will tank even further during 2022? We’d like to get your insight on this matter in the field for comments down below.