Biden’s Racist Tax Law Targeted by Courts

The Biden government is being charged by a conservative legal organization with ordering the IRS to investigate additional white and Asian Citizens in an attempt to boost “fairness.”

Racist Tax Laws!

In a request under the Freedom of Information Act made on Tuesday, the charity American First Legal Organization claimed an executive order issued by President Biden (the other week) pushes the IRS to change its systems to examine more white and Asian customers and fewer black people.

Audits are not specifically mentioned in the executive order on further progressing racial equity and assistance for poorly served neighborhoods through the United States government.

However, it instructs federal organizations, including the IRS, to explore methods for making their procedures more “fair and equal” to underprivileged areas.

The directive instructs organizations to “prevent and remediate bias, including by safeguarding the public from computational discriminatory practices,” in particular.

The American First Legal Structure is currently looking into how that can impact the IRS. It is also requesting any internal papers the organization may have pertaining to its initiatives to increase “equity” between Americans.

The Treasury now has only 20 working days to reply to the petition in accordance with federal legislation.

Instead of equality of opportunity, the term “equity” refers to fairness in consequence. During the past few years, it has evolved into a woke catchphrase, one that Biden supported since taking office in 2021.

Advocates argue it’s critical to realize certain minority groups might require additional assistance in order to reach their full potential. Opponents claim that equality policies are frequently applied in an unjust and even discriminatory manner.

This Isn’t a New Law

In line with a subsequent White House press update, the president signed an executive order nearly immediately upon taking office that did as follows:

“This highlighted the immense human expenses of institutional racism and chronic poverty and gave a strong and unparalleled authority for all government agencies to introduce a massive strategy to equity.”

The Financial Advisory Panel on Race-based Equity was created by the Department of Treasury as a result.

It advises the organization on how to move ahead with racial equity, particularly in regard to domestic economic factors that have negatively impacted communities of color both directly and inadvertently.

On February 16, Biden issued a second order that mandates all government agencies to carry out racial equity-promoting measures, building on the original executive order.

Each authority head is required to “support ongoing execution of an integrated equity plan that employs the institution’s strategy, government budget, algorithmic, service-delivery sourcing, and data-collection procedure.”

This must also include “grantmaking, civic outreach, evaluation and research, and regulatory oversight features to facilitate the institution’s purpose and service delivery to produce equal and fair results for all Americans, such as underprivileged areas.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.