Biden’s Top Aide Lands in Hot Water For Lying

The Biden administration regularly incurs the wrath of the American people for telling one lie after the next. In almost every case, these lies are designed to either make the administration look good or make Republicans look bad.

However, these falsehoods are so outright that expecting the country to believe them is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. What’s more is there exists indisputable evidence to counter so many of the claims that come from the president and those who work for him.

In yet another example, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is being rightfully called out for lying to the American people once more, as documented by Red State.

Revisionist History From Jean-Pierre

Currently, the United States is all but a hair away from defaulting on the national debt. As a result of this, Biden is having to negotiate with House Republicans so that the country can come to a collectively mutual agreement.

So far, this hasn’t taken place. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy remains candid about the issues Republicans are having with Biden. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is on defense as it tries to point the finger at Republicans.

Days ago, the White House press secretary was asked if the president let too much time pass before coming to the table to speak with GOP members about the debt ceiling.

Jean-Pierre responded to this by falsely saying Biden’s been trying to engage with Republicans on the issue “for months.”

Meanwhile in the Real World

Unfortunately, the president actually has not been spending months trying to openly converse with GOP lawmakers about the debt ceiling.

In fact, the White House was consistently on record saying there was no need to negotiate whatsoever and that raising the debt ceiling is the only option.

Only recently has this changed as the country gets closer to the deadline of defaulting.