Biden’s Visit to Uvalde, Texas Didn’t Pan Out as He Expected

Six days ago, an out-of-his-mind shooter murdered multiple school teachers and almost two dozen fourth-graders at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

In the wake of this shooting, the community has been left with many scars and traumas. Some families will never be the same again.

What happened in Uvalde set off a chain reaction of conversations about firearms access, school security levels, mental health, and more. Joe Biden definitely used the opportunity to attack the “gun lobby” in America.

This past weekend, the president also made a point of visiting Uvalde, Texas; although, according to Newsmax, this visit didn’t completely turn out how Biden wanted.

Negative Reactions to Biden’s Presence

Despite the president going to Uvalde to apparently show solidarity with the community, some folks would have preferred that he stayed in DC instead.

Certain people in Uvalde have said they’d rather focus on the children, instead of politics or how things could have turned out in alternate scenarios.

Biden’s visit to Uvalde furthermore led to some criticism that his timing was off. It’s still been less than a week since the shooting at the elementary school. For many Texans in this community, their nerves are still raw.

On Sunday, during the president’s visit to Uvalde, he was shouted at to “do something” by the passerby.

Preventing Future Shootings

Biden’s talked multiple times about the tragedy in Uvalde. However, to the disappointment of many Americans, there hasn’t been much focus from the president on mental health or security in schools.

Instead, Biden’s chosen to extensively and exclusively focus on gun control. Critics say the refusal to entertain additional possibilities as solutions is proof of the president’s grandstanding.

Last week, the White House was asked about mental health and its relation to school shootings. During a press briefing, the administration stated this isn’t something that should get too much focus.

Meanwhile, just one day before Biden visited Uvalde, a fifth-grade student got apprehended by police after he sent out text messaging threatening a mass shooting. This has been cited by many Americans who believe this country is currently facing a mental health crisis.

To this day, there remains no widespread, unified view on measurable actions to prevent these shootings. The left overwhelmingly claims stricter gun control is the answer. The right largely views school security and mental health as the predominant factors.

Finally, Democrats have been criticized after calling for specific gun control measures that wouldn’t have stopped the massacre in Uvalde.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s decision to visit Uvalde, Texas in under a week since the mass shooting occurred? Let us know in the comments area below if you think the president has been politicizing this tragedy for partisan gain.