BLM Caught: Calls to Erase “Western-prescribed Nuclear Family Structure”

"Black Lives Matter" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by jolynne_martinez

Folks on the left would like Americans to believe that Black Lives Matter is all about social justice, equality, and the humane treatment of individuals. This, of course, is a lie. Not only has Black Lives Matter rioted, looted, burned police precincts, and ravaged communities, they’ve also called for the deaths of police officers.

On more than one occasion, videos have surfaced of Black Lives Matter leaders talking about exactly what the group stands for. One leader even admitted that Black Lives Matter operatives are trained Marxists; nevertheless, though, the Democrats still don’t want Americans to know the truth.


Black Lives Matter messed up, however. Before taking it down, the group posted on their website the desire to “disrupt” what they called the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Although the group has since removed this talking point from their website, Breitbart News explains what Black Lives Matter truly thinks about family in the United States.

Black Lives Matter vs. the Nuclear Family

Prior to its removal, the “What We Believe” page on Black Lives Matter’s website stated in no ambiguous terms what the Marxist organization truly stands for. Aside from burning buildings, chanting for the deaths of police officers, etc., Black Lives Matter also railed against “cisgender privilege” and “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

The alternative to the nuclear family structure offered by Black Lives Matter is…something. Before taking down the page, “What We Believe” stated that “extended families and “villages”” ought to collectively support one another and notably children as well.

A search for the “What We Believe” page on Black Lives Matter’s website will now simply take viewers to a “page not found” notice. Black Lives Matter may have scrubbed their anti-nuclear family talking points from their website; however, the internet is forever and Americans have not forgotten.

The Face of True Marxism

At each and every turn, Black Lives Matter continues to prove that its mission is the furthest thing from equality and justice.

Many Black Lives Matter activists are known to go after minority police officers, branding them as traitors and even saying that they should die. Likewise, Black Lives Matter, along with AntiFa, continues leading the charge to dismantle and abolish police departments in the communities that ironically require them the most.

Over recent months, more and more Americans have awakened to Black Lives Matter’s true affinity for Marxism and their goal of completely upending U.S. society as we know it.

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