Bloomberg News’ Recommendations for Fighting Inflation Backfire

Since May 2021, inflation has turned out to be a very real tribulation in the lives of the American people. As March comes to a close, Americans are nearly in the 11th month of an economic disaster showing no signs of dying down anytime soon.

As inflation plays out, leaders in the federal government aren’t doing anything to try counteracting the problem. Instead, the White House is just pointing fingers at Putin and collaborating with Democratic lawmakers to try and pass another COVID spending package.

Make no mistake: more federal spending, regardless of what excuses Democrats use to justify it, is going to lead to higher inflation.

With no end in sight to inflation, Bloomberg News is being raked over the coals for giving very insulting advice to Americans having a tough time, as documented by Twitchy.

Not a Good Move by Bloomberg News

According to Bloomberg, Americans earning below $300,000 and struggling with inflation should take some new steps.

The suggested new steps include not shouldering financial expenses for pets, swapping out meat for lentils, selling cars to take public transportation, not buying goods in significant amounts, etc.

Then, Bloomberg really added insult to injury by sarcastically stating Americans were never made to think inflation would end up being “fun.”

At the same time Bloomberg makes these proclamations, the White House isn’t too far behind. Multiple aides working for the Biden administration are publicly urging Americans to drive electric vehicles so they don’t have to pay expensive gas prices.

It goes without saying that in light of many Americans’ financial situations, electric vehicles simply aren’t affordable. This mode of transportation also comes with a series of its own issues.

All Roads Lead to Energy Independence

The reality of mainstream media telling people to give up their cars, stop caring for their pets, and cease eating meat just goes to show how horrible things have become in Biden’s America.

This horror is magnified when faced with the reality that Biden has the power to stop all of this. He could let go of his anti-energy procedures and start getting domestic energy production up and running again.

Bringing back the energy independence America enjoyed under Trump would significantly lower the prices of gas in a reasonable timeframe. Each day the White House refuses to do this, they inflict more undeserved pain and suffering on people.

As the world appears darker and grimmer with the current administration in office, Americans will have a shot to vote out Biden’s congressional reinforcements, come this November.

What do you think about the rhetoric Bloomberg News has put out in regards to how Americans should adapt to inflation? We invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments area.