Bloomberg Stifles China Truths

Bloomberg Stifles China Truths

( – Earlier this year, billionaire Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the Democratic primary following his lackluster performance on Super Tuesday. The press coverage he got afterward was pretty negative, but the former New York City mayor was mistaken if he thought that was as bad as it could get in 2020. A new bombshell report is revealing how far Bloomberg’s company went to appease China.

In 2012, NPR reports journalists with Bloomberg News started investigating China’s Communist Party and its ties to the richest citizens in the country. According to the report, Bloomberg L.P., the news organization’s parent company, killed the story. That’s strange behavior in itself, but it gets worse.

Authorities in Beijing heard about the story and reportedly sent the Chinese ambassador to warn Bloomberg executives against publishing anymore exposés. The company’s founding editor-in-chief, Matthew Winkler, said publishing the story would have caused China to kick the news organization out of the country. So, it was killed.

In 2013, Bloomberg suspended and fired its Beijing correspondent Mike Forsythe. Then, they forced him to sign a nondisclosure agreement. When that was done, the company went after his wife, Leta Hong Fincher, and threatened to sue her if she didn’t sign one, too. Despite repeated attempts and persistence from Bloomberg, she refused.

The whole scandal shows the lengths the press will go to protect their own skin, even if it helps communist China in the process. Bloomberg News placed their own profit above anything else. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed that out on Twitter.

Rep. Matt Gaetz was also outraged and made an important observation.

Gaetz is right. President Donald Trump has made a point to stand up to China. Imagine where the mainstream media would lead this country if he weren’t around.

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