Border Crisis Prompts Top House Republican to Request Meeting with Biden

President Biden’s inaction and negligence regarding the U.S. southern border is quite honestly grounds for him to be impeached and removed from the White House. As president, Biden took an oath to uphold the laws of the land.

However, the president has broken this oath by creating an immigration crisis and then doing nothing to solve it. For months on end, Border Patrol officials have been overwhelmed with hoards of people seeking illegal entry at the southern border.

Biden’s done noting to fix this; however, he has threatened to fire Border Patrol agents if they aren’t vaccinated against COVID next month. What’s happening right now is unbelievable and it cannot go on.

Amid the current state of affairs at the border, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is seeking out a meeting with President Biden, as Fox News confirms.

Reviewing McCarthy’s Request for a Meeting with Biden

Just yesterday, Leader McCarthy wrote a letter to the 46th president, declaring the need for both parties to sit down and discuss the situation at the border. The Republican described this situation as a “crisis,” noting the 1.7 million interactions at the border during 2021’s fiscal year.

McCarthy furthermore pointed out to Biden in the letter the 1.4 million arrests Border Patrol officials have made of people seeking to illegally enter the United States. The GOP lawmaker declared this number of arrests has also taken place strictly since Biden became president.

Finally, McCarthy noted his willingness to work with the Biden administration in order to engender a solution to the massive problems at our nation’s southern border.

An Attempted Cover Up from the White House

The White House is in the middle of trying to cover up what’s happening at the border. The president, vice president, and DHS secretary continue to ignore and undermine what’s happening.

They’re ignoring and undermining what’s going on as the situation continues to get worse. Meanwhile, recent reports already indicate more migrants are making their way to the southern border.

Here’s the reality: Biden created the mess at the border and now he has an obligation to fix it. Furthermore, it is not acceptable for this White House to keep putting its hand in the sand and believing the border crisis will cease to exist if they don’t address it.

This attempted cover up from the White House speaks volumes about why they are utterly unqualified to be leading the country in any capacity. Biden’s also been flying around migrants in the dead of night and then having them dropped off in different areas of the country. This must end.

Do you think GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy will be successful in his attempts to meet with Biden regarding the southern border? Sound off below in the comments area.