Border Patrol Union Puts Biden in His Place

The president’s treatment of Border Patrol workers has been absolutely disgraceful. Months ago, Biden’s malpractice began when he made Border Patrol’s jobs 100x harder by ripping down commonsense immigration laws.

Thanks to Biden doing this, Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed by the massive influx of migrants popping over the southern border. This isn’t for a lack of trying, either. Border Patrol simply does not have the resources for the levels of illegal immigration presently facing America.

In addition to making Border Patrol agents’ jobs that much harder, the president is now attacking these workers over a false narrative regarding the images of agents on horses.

The president even declared that members of Border Patrol will “pay”; however, Border Patrol is now pushing back against this derelict and corrupt president, as Townhall confirms.

Border Patrol Weighs in on Biden’s Leadership

Days ago, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd declared that if Biden weren’t the president, he’d be under arrest. The charges that would warrant Biden’s arrest would entail abetting and aiding in the processes of human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Judd personally has been overseeing the southern border since former President Clinton was in office. After decades of experience in this field, the union president maintains that Trump had the best border policies. Sadly, these commonsense policies were tossed by the wayside when Biden slithered into office.

That’s not all, though. According to Judd, morale amongst Border Patrol agents is at an extreme low right now. This is due to the president and Democrats’ attacks on Border Patrol agents, along with the dystopian policies causing the current problems.

Later, the National Border Patrol Council president explained that while officials at the border aim to protect the United States, Biden is pushing for precisely the opposite. This is the unfortunate reality of what Border Patrol agents are dealing with.

Tough Times Ahead

Sadly, this president remains as determined as possible to unfairly villianize and undermine Border Patrol officials. This comes in spite of all the crime happening at the border, crime that stems from Biden’s open borders policies. It’s unfortunate that he can’t be arrested for this, despite being president.

It appears as though tough times lie ahead. Biden isn’t relenting or backing down; he’s getting worse and more dangerous. The illegal immigrants the president lets into the country aren’t required to take the COVID vaccine, but Biden wants Americans fired from their jobs if they don’t roll up their sleeves.

Every time Americans think this president can’t possibly reach a new low, he does precisely that.

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