Bud Light Takes Heat Amid New PR Scandal

Whenever large companies with apolitical brands start waging into political or social issues, it doesn’t usually go well for them. More often than not, they end up alienating a significant portion of their customer base, which means losing money.

Yet for some reason, over the years, there has still been a growing number of these companies that opt to weigh in on the hot button issues or otherwise take a stance on matters of controversy.

One of the latest companies to do this and now receive heat for it is Bud Light, per the Daily Mail.

A Major Miscalculation

Bud Light is presently in the hot seat over its decision to partner up with Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney has been making headlines over his online presentations of what he thinks “girlhood” is.

Many Americans also believe Mulvaney is making a mockery of what it means to be a girl by leaning into the most cliche stereotypes of young femininity. Nevertheless, this is still the person whom Bud Light chose to have featured on their cans as a brand representative.

The public has largely responded by trashing Bud Light as being a disgusting excuse for beer. Country music star Kid Rock even opened firepower on various Bud Light beer cans to show his disdain for the company’s partnership with Mulvaney.

Not the Best Decision

Bud Light could have easily steered clear of the PR nightmare it’s experiencing by steering clear of someone as controversial as Mulvaney.

Unfortunately, because the company chose not to do this, it’s now losing customers and being slammed by those who deem Mulvaney to be problematic.

Amid the present PR nightmare Bud Light is facing, it remains to be seen if other companies learn from this incident or also choose to involve themselves in political and social controversies.