California Approves Gender Reassignment Surgery For Minors

In recent years, there’s been a growing divide between states and the laws they have on the books.

During COVID, some states took to seriously restricting the movements of individuals and the operations of businesses; others chose to protect the rights of people and businesses.

After Roe v. Wade was kneecapped by the Supreme Court, some states vowed to expand access to abortion, whereas others opted to further restrict it.

Red states are becoming increasingly redder, while blue states are becoming increasingly bluer. With this trend, there’s a growing pattern of folks moving to states that are most aligned with their own politics and ideologies.

With the new year, however, comes a controversial new law in California that many Americans — and other states — are not pleased with, according to Epoch Times.

Approving Gender Reassignment Surgery For Minors

On New Year’s Day, a California law went into effect that permits minors to receive puberty blockers or other similar hormones, along with gender reassignment surgeries.

Furthermore, parents in other states that ban these procedures for minors can take their children to California to undergo these types of medical procedures anyway.

Medical professionals are also barred from releasing information about the aforementioned procedures for minors in cases involving civil or criminal action.

Needless to say, many Americans have warned this isn’t a positive step forward, but rather child abuse.

Minors are not able to fully grasp the extent of taking irreversible puberty blockers or hormones, nor are they able to understand the lifelong impacts that stem from gender reassignment surgeries.

States like Alabama and Florida have prohibited these procedures for minors. Supporters of these prohibitions likewise warn that if a child can’t consent to get a tattoo, they’re also not able to consent to any gender reassignment efforts.

Hard Times For Parents

Due to the nature of how this new law was written, many parents with children who could be adversely impacted feel as though their hands are tied.

Likewise, other states can make decisions about what’s allowed within their own borders. Though they are limited in what they can do about what happens within the borders of California.

Because California is so deeply entrenched in leftism and Democratic control, there’s no serious likelihood of the law permitting these procedures for minors to be overturned.

Many Americans feel what California is doing will ultimately leave a stain on the nation, along with leaving children who grow up with serious regrets. Of course, many folks on the left are praising this new law in California as a positive step forward.

What do you think about the steps California has taken to permit underage children to receive gender reassignment surgery? Please let us know in the comments area the impacts you believe this will have on minors and society as a whole.