California Considering New Measure to Encourage Illegal Immigration

America’s crisis of illegal immigration has significantly taken a turn for the worst. Right now, the southern border is essentially a free-for-all, due to the untimely demise of Title 42.

This spiraled so far out of control that even left-wing NYC Mayor Adams is asking for a reconsideration of the law that deems his community as a sanctuary city.

The truth of the matter is that nowhere in the United States are we equipped to process swarms of migrants making their way to the southern border.

Nevertheless, as the crisis of illegal immigration gets worse, California is only moving to further exacerbate the situation, as Fox News reports.

Unemployment Checks on the Way?

In California, the Safety Net for All Workers Act is presently making its way through the state legislature. This bill, if it becomes law, would supply illegal immigrants with unemployment checks.

Of course, these checks will be funded by state taxpayers who are already being put through the wringer. California will also be forced to make taxpayers fund larger and larger shares as the number of state residents dwindles on a constant basis.

Over the years, more Americans have been leaving California as the state’s affordability worsens.

Will This New Bill Pass?

Right now, there’s a very possibility that the Safety Net for All Workers Act is going to pass in California. The odds especially go up when one considers that the California state legislature is heavily dominated by left-wing lawmakers.

Once word of a policy like this spreads, the Golden State can expect more and more illegal immigrants making their way over for free government checks.

Unfortunately, the people in California who are struggling the most are going to be the ones forced to bear the ugly brunt created by the Safety Net for All Workers Act.