California Governor Slammed Over State of the State Address

California Governor Gavin Newsom has taken a lot of heat lately.

Last month, the Democrat governor was caught going maskless at a sports game, in spite of the mask mandate he implemented for his state.

Likewise, during the 2020 shutdowns, Newsom routinely violated his own shutdown orders, not sheltering-in-place as he demanded other Californians to do.

At this time, the California governor is up for re-election; due to the Golden State being heavily blue, Newsom is highly anticipated to win another term as governor.

However, the California governor is currently coming under fire for some comments he made during his State of the State address not too long ago, as covered by Breitbart News.

Pushback Against Newsom’s State of the State Address

Gas prices in the state of California are as high as $5.00 per gallon. Meanwhile, in all of Newsom’s comments about gas costs, it never occurred to him to increase his own state’s production of gas.

It gets worse, though. Newsom also attacked the state of Florida, wrongly mischaracterizing a bill the state passed to prohibit kindergartners through third-graders from being taught about the intricacies of gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.

The California governor likewise came under fire for refusing to talk about various water-related problems his state has been facing for a fair amount of time now.

Ultimately, Newsom’s State of the State address indicates the status quo in California isn’t going to change.

The California governor feels he’s all but a shoo-in to re-election; consequently, there is not much motivating him to truly fix things in his state and be of service to his constituents.

The Ugly Truth About the Golden State

In 2021, California was one of the states that saw the most amount of residential and business departures.

Individuals are deciding the Golden State isn’t so golden to live in anymore; meanwhile, businesses are taking their establishments and jobs elsewhere to states like Texas.

Judging from voter registration numbers in states where residents are fleeing, a lot of people leaving California were Republicans and other non-leftists who had enough of the state’s leadership.

Therefore, this creates a scenario where the rest of California residents are overwhelmingly left-wing. That’s not even mentioning data showing that Republican voters in California are outnumbered by Democrats to the tune of practically two to one.

Last year, California was also given the option to recall Newsom and send him packing from the governor’s mansion; however, Golden State residents refused and they voted to keep Newsom in office.

What do you think about the remarks from the California governor during his recent State of the State address? Will things get better or worse for California residents? Share your predictions about this in the comments area.