California Governor’s Criticism of Florida Backfires

California has not been doing so well as of late. The state has been losing myriad jobs and residents as folks flee horrific policies that have been in effect for far too long.

Meanwhile, as businesses and people depart from the Golden State, lawlessness and homelessness are becoming greater problems.

As it turns out, one of the states that is gaining new residents and businesses is none other than Florida.

Unlike California, Florida doesn’t have sky-high tax rates or burdensome regulations that make it impossible for businesses to thrive.

One of the businesses that left California for the free state of Florida is none other than Disney. However, amid the Disney CEO’s criticism of Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law, Newsom decided to throw in his two cents.

This didn’t go over so well for the California governor, as pointed out by Twitchy.

Newsom’s Botched Attempt to Make a Point

The Disney CEO has joined the fray and come out against Florida’s law.

This law decrees that young people in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade won’t be taught about matters like someone’s sexual orientation or how they identify gender-wise.

After backlash over this from Disney, the California governor extended an offer for the company to return to California. In doing this, Newsom declared that California’s values are in keeping with the values of Disney employees.

To this end, the press secretary of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, stepped in. Pushaw tweeted back at Newsom, noting how he forced Disney to be shuttered for more than one year on end.

This makes it highly ironic that the California governor is asking Disney to return from a state that it fled to in order to enjoy better business policies.

Viable Steps Forward for California

If Newsom wants to see more companies and jobs in his state, then he would do well to make California business-friendly.

As long as business owners have to pay an arm and a leg to operate in the Golden State, they’re going to seek options elsewhere.

Democrats are consistent defenders of these very high tax rates; yet, clearly, this isn’t helping them or their communities.

This isn’t Newsom’s first time taking shots at Florida. However, it is the latest occasion in which the California governor’s anti-Florida comments have backfired and exposed his own state’s problems.

If Florida was such the awful state that Newsom makes it out to be, then people and businesses would be leaving Florida for states like California. Instead, the precise opposite is taking place.

What do you think about the governor of California asking Disney to come back to his state after the company left for Florida? Don’t hold back in the comments area below.