California Now Struggling With Serious Water Shortages

There are lots of problems in the state of California today. High living costs have priced much of the middle class out of being able to comfortably reside in the state.

This has therefore created a dynamic where California has people who are either very well-off or very poor. This is seen in the rise of California’s homeless populations, along with tent encampments that litter the streets of Los Angeles and other communities.

However, homelessness is far from the only serious problem facing the state. California’s also been forced to contend with wildfires within the past several years.

Now, Newsmax reports that the Golden State is dealing with a very serious water shortage.

What to Know About a Shortage of Water in California

In South California, six million people are being told they need to reduce the amount of outdoor water they’re using. At this time, the recommendation is that people in South California use outdoor water no more than one time per week.

Meanwhile, maps have confirmed that 95% of folks who live in California are facing drought circumstances that are very serious in nature. Officials in the state are already chalking these problems up to climate change.

California officials likewise report that less water in reservoirs, more wildfires, drier climates, etc. are becoming more commonplace in the state.

Debates About Living Standards in California

Some people have specualted that despite the state making an official declaration of a water shortage, there are still certain individuals and businesses with ample access to water.

On top of this, the water shortages and drought come amid other decisions made in California that aren’t exactly conducive to positive living standards.

As other states are rolling back their gas taxes to provide relief to Americans struggling with higher fuel costs, California is actually increasing gas taxes. This will, in fact, make gas more expensive.

It begs to question the motivation behind raising the gas tax, especially when the movement of lowering or stopping gas taxes is bipartisan.

Republicans and Democrats alike have said the gas tax needs to be put on hold for now. Yet, in spite of this, California choose to go in the polar opposite direction.

Between crime, homelessness, water shortages, droughts, higher gas prices, and more, it’s getting harder for many folks to see the appeal of California. Last year, the state made the top of the list of outbound residents.

If California continues as it has been, its population numbers are going to get smaller and smaller.

What do you think about the current water shortages and droughts in California? Do you have any thoughts on what’s causing these problems? Please let us know about this in the comments area.