California Struggling to Supply COVID Tests as Promised

California has some of the strictest vaccine passport laws in the nation.

In 2020, conservatives warned that leaders would push for measures that barred individuals from getting service or access to various facilities without showing proof of COVID vaccination.

Conservatives who made these warnings were laughed off as conspiracy theorists in 2020. However, their warnings came to fruition just last year.

Yet, in spite of all the mandates and restrictions that California has so eagerly put in place, none of it has stopped COVID cases and infections.

Just last month, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom promised his state access to millions of more COVID tests before the time arrived for kids to resume schooling.

Well, as noted by Breitbart News, this hasn’t panned out the way the California governor expected; therefore, he’s now turning to the National Guard for assistance.

Understanding California’s Issues with COVID Tests

Some of the biggest COVID testing challenges facing the Golden State right now deal with locations of tests and when these tests are supposed to arrive at children’s schools.

According to Newsom’s office, more than a dozen California counties are altogether without COVID tests. Therefore, the Democrat governor is calling on the National Guard to assist with coronavirus testing.

Some of Newsom’s constituents in the deeply leftist state are saying that he needs to shut down schools in light of omicron’s emergence. This comes as many parents across the country express frustrations with schools being shut down.

There’s also been a growing amount of attention towards the impact that closures of this nature have on children.

It’s a very well-established reality that remote learning interferes with the social, emotional, and even psychological skills that children need to learn.

Will It Matter?

At this time, omicron is making waves and vaccinated people are far from immune. In fact, it’s been notable to see as so many folks who went out and got their vaccines and boosters are still testing positive for the virus.

Over the weekend, the nation learned that House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not only tested positive for coronavirus, but is also dealing with coronavirus symptoms.

This comes in spite of the New York lawmaker being completely inoculated and boosted against COVID. According to a statement from her office, Ocasio-Cortez is spending time at her home to fight off COVID and regain her health.

With each passing day and every new vaccinated individual testing positive for this virus, it becomes more and more apparent that we cannot immunize our way out of COVID.

What do you make of the serious issues that the state of California is having with supplying COVID tests? In the comments section below, let us know what you really think will happen next.