California Suffering from Major Crime Surges

Public safety is no joke. The ability of Americans to be able to move through society without being fearful for their lives is getting harder in certain parts of the country.

In Portland, Oregon, for instance, crime is pretty much par for the course. Looting, rioting, vandalism, etc., happens all the time. Meanwhile, the Democrats in charge of the city do absolutely nothing to get a real handle on this.

In San Francisco, California, various looting sprees have been taking place. These sprees are also placing employees who work at looted businesses in danger. Many of these workers have been forced to get medical care after suffering attacks from looters.

However, Breitbart News now reports the issues that first originated in San Francisco are now spreading throughout the state of California altogether.

What to Know About the California Crime Wave

In communities like Concord, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Beverly Hills, and others, crime is out of control. Across California, various cities are being subjected to robberies, chemical attacks, property damage, physical assaults, etc.

These attacks are becoming increasingly brazen and very clearly organized. Many of these individuals are also carrying illegal firearms to make the commission of their crimes without interference easy.

Security guards who have stepped in to try to stop robberies and store lootings have been subjected to pepper spray and physical assaults. Many folks who attempt to intervene and stop the commission of crimes are having to later get medical care.

The California crime wave is making the news, as even the media isn’t able to downplay it. At this time, it’s unclear what measures the state plans to take in order to stop this string of lawlessness.

The more time passes, however, the more emboldened these criminals become. Unless elected officials in California take some serious action to crack down on crime, residents of the state will continue to suffer.

A Lesson for the Rest of America

What’s going on in California is indeed unfortunate. Only time is going to tell how much worse this may all get. Nevertheless, the crime problem in this deep blue state can serve as a lesson to the rest of the United States.

The lesson here is the massive rise of lawlessness in California is what happens when elected officials treat crime with kid gloves. Being tough on crime means protecting communities and the well-being of law-abiding individuals.

Right now, it is vital to ensure the California crime spree does not spread across America. With all the problems this country is facing, more attacks on public safety are the last thing that needs to occur.

What do you think about the current crime surges happening in California? Let us know in the comments field if you think this will worsen before it improves.