Calls Begin for Criminal Investigation into Dominion Voting Systems

"voting carrels - 2019 Ohio general elect" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Tim Evanson

Dominion Voting Systems remains under an intense microscope as President Trump’s legal team litigates the ongoing 2020 election.

Over the past few weeks, numerous sources, both public and anonymous, have accused Dominion Voting Systems of flipping votes and other forms of fraud. After some time, the company sent out a spokesperson to interview with the media and deny these charges against them. Dominion Voting Systems also claims that the allegations against them are impossible.

“ballot scanner – 2019 Ohio general elect” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Tim Evanson

Independent attorney Sidney Powell seems to think otherwise, however. According to Newsmax, Powell is now urging for a criminal investigation into Dominion Voting Systems.

The Case for a Criminal Probe into Dominion Voting Systems

Yesterday, Powell spoke with NewsmaxTV about her ongoing litigation of this year’s hotly contested election. During this conversation, the attorney drew attention to a Georgia $107 million dollar Dominion Voting Systems contract; Powell maintains that this contract needs to be probed in the event that relatives of the contract signers are getting kickbacks.

She then took things forward, urging a criminal investigation into Georgia’s use of Dominion Voting Systems altogether. Powell’s argument maintains that election officials in the Peach State may currently be getting benefits from the state’s contract with Dominion Voting Systems. Thus far, however, there is no evidence to support these claims, hence the calls for a probe.

While speaking with NewsmaxTV, Powell did not inform how the aforementioned criminal probe would back up claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Will Dominion Voting Systems Come Under a Criminal Investigation?

Thus far, no criminal probe into Dominion Voting Systems has begun; whether or not this changes remains to be seen.

Powell’s talk about the potential compromisation of Georgia electoral officials follows her promise to present “biblical” evidence of voter fraud. Thus far, the attorney has multiple ongoing lawsuits; however, the promised “biblical” developments still remain to be seen.

Remarks that Powell shared with NewsmaxTV come after the Trump legal team’s decision to distance themselves from her. Not too long ago, the president’s representatives put out a statement confirming that Powell is not a member of their legal team, nor is she working for President Trump.

Following this statement, Rudy Giuliani came out and declared that Powell is pursuing something separate from Trump’s legal representatives.

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