Candace Owens Calls For More Discrimination in Society

Political tensions in American society are at all-time highs. Polling shows that growing numbers of people on the left and the right deem their partisan opposition to be enemies of freedom.

We’ve already seen Democrats allege that GOP election wins pose threats to democracy and the general well-being of the nation. Republicans, on the other hand, are warning that various policies embraced by the left are dangerous and destructive.

Despite certain calls to turn down the temperature in American society, some people are more determined than ever to go in the opposite direction.

This was seen with conservative commentator Candace Owens saying that society needs more discrimination, according to ArcaMax.

A Breakdown of Owens’ Thoughts on Discrimination

While speaking on her podcast, Owens stated she discriminates while hiring, choosing who to be friends with, etc.

Despite acknowledging that being discriminatory while hiring may be “illegal,” Owens rhetorically asked “who doesn’t” discriminate when they’re making hiring decisions.

Later, the conservative commentator stated men wearing dresses and fingernail polish are examples of those whom she discriminates against “all the time.” Later during her segment, Owens alleged that discrimination is nothing more than a “survivial mechanism.”

Finally, she wrapped up by arguing that a “safer” society would be a society where discrimination occurs on a more frequent basis.

Heavy Backlash on Social Media

As many Americans may have guessed, Owens’ calls for more discrimination in society were not well-recieved online. Many people pushed back, noting that years ago, Owens filed litigation alleging that she herself was a victim of discrimination.

Others accused Owens of hypocrisy, saying she wouldn’t be too thrilled if she was discriminated against for her political views.

Amid allegations of certain restaurants not wanting to serve conservatives or Trump supporters, many social media users expressed their doubt that Owens would be OK with this form of discrimination.

Ultimately, however, these remarks are pretty much on-brand for Owens. After Kanye West’s infamous “Death Con 3” threat against the Jewish community, Owens defended him.

Thus far, Owens has yet to publicly react to West saying he “loves” Hitler and “loves” the Nazis. She has, however, gone on record stating that West is a good friend of hers.

Many Americans disagree with the idea that society would be safer or better with more discrimination. Though no one should hold their breath waiting for Owens to change her mind or walk back her takes pertaining to discrimination against others.

What do you think about the remarks made by Candace Owens? Do you believe having more discrimination would make American society better or safer?

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This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.