CBP Responds to Trump’s COVID Immigration Policies

CBP Responds to Trump's COVID Immigration Policies

(WatchDogNews.org) – Democrats and the mainstream media (MSM) are trying really hard to pin America’s COVID-19 pandemic on President Donald Trump. If you were to dive into the Left’s television shows for a couple of hours, you might even think the president infected people himself. Well, maybe the narrative isn’t quite that outlandish, but it’s certainly getting there. You’ll be shocked to learn they’re wrong.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan talked to Fox News on April 16, stating the president’s the reason the pandemic isn’t worse. The commissioner said Trump has put the country in a much better position to get us through another “infectious disease.”

Trump has taken decisive action to stop the spread. His immigration policies have especially helped. Trump ordered the Border Patrol to expel all non-essential people seeking to enter our country through the Northern and Southern borders. The president also banned travel from China.

A few days after Morgan’s interview, Trump announced he was suspending all immigration to the US.

President Trump understands how serious this virus is. As Morgan said, the country could have far more cases of COVID-19 than it currently does without his policies in place. The president isn’t trying to hurt immigrants; he’s trying to keep everyone safe.

As of April 21, the United States has over 810,000 documented cases of the coronavirus infection. Allowing immigrants to continue to come to America would be irresponsible and put their lives at risk. Morgan said as much when he spoke directly to migrants during his interview asking them to stay home.

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