CDC Data Confirms Whether COVID-19 Worse than the Flu



The death toll continues to increase as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, particularly in the United States, where more than 180,000 people have died since it started. But a new figure released by the Centers for Disease Control has sparked controversy, particularly after the president has retweeted it.

The CDC revised the provisional death counts from COVID-19 on Aug. 26, after finding that only 6 percent of deaths were caused by the virus alone. All other cases involved comorbidity. The data was jumped on by some who claim the pandemic’s overall deaths and magnitude are grossly inflated in an attempt to discredit the president during an election year.

Only 6% of ‘COVID-19 deaths’ are solely due to to the virus

Others were also quick to point out, however, that the number came under the segment on comorbidities. That means that patients with comorbidity were involved in 94 percent of COVID-related deaths. That’s the community that was deemed high risk when the pandemic kicked off.

As a result, COVID-19 alarmists posted responses of their own to social media, defending the numbers.

Hypertensive disease, diabetes, vascular and unspecific dementia, cardiac arrest, and heart failure were among the comorbidities contributing to the high death toll.

Pandemic is heavily politicized in an election year

The pandemic has been a controversial point in the U.S. as it is politized ahead of the presidential election. Specifically, many have been discussing how successful mask mandates are in curbing the spread of the virus across the world.

The latest critique of the death toll also comes after the CDC modified its guidance on exactly who needs to quarantine and when. For foreign arrivals, or those traveling from state to state, a 14-day quarantine is no longer needed.

However, although the policy has changed, limits can still be placed by local councils.