CDC Reportedly Butting Heads with Biden White House

When it comes to messaging on COVID, health officials have been all over the place.

First, they said COVID vaccines were going to be the thing to stop the virus. However, all the vaccinations and booster shots in the world haven’t stopped people from getting the virus.

Now, health officials are saying people should still get vaccinated because it reduces their likelihood of getting very sick from the virus or passing away.

This, too, is shaky at best, considering adverse side effects post-vaccination and deaths in vaccinated people.

As the healthcare community continuously changes its story and moves the goalposts, it’s reportedly causing tension within their own ranks.

According to Newsmax, the Biden administration has been butting heads with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Growing Tensions Between the CDC and White House

According to reports, the CDC is reportedly having trouble with presenting a unified front. This is subsequently leading to issues in how they deal with the Biden administration.

Months prior, the CDC come out and noted that teachers didn’t need to be completely immunized against COVID in order to resume work. However, in a matter of days, the White House publicly contradicted this.

The CDC has additionally come under fire from their recent shift in the necessary quarantine time they recommend.

Recently, the CDC stated that people who come into contact with COVID need only self-isolate for five days, an amendment from the previously advised ten days. This also led to censure from the American Medical Association.

Apparently, the healthcare community can’t keep its story straight or figure things out. However, the White House isn’t doing any better.

Biden told the nation he would fix COVID. All he’s done is push legally dubious mandates, only to later have massive virus surges happen under his watch.

The Whole Thing Falls Apart

This week, a poll by Rasmussen showed that vaccinated individuals are much more worried about COVID than unvaccinated people. If anything, this is the opposite of what data should show, were health officials not repeatedly getting things wrong.

Americans are getting tired of this. People want to live their lives, not remain stuck on a neverending hamster wheel of mandates, restrictions, and governments breathing down their necks.

With each passing day, the credibility of both the CDC and the White House takes an even bigger nosedive. At this point, health officials and other leaders have no one to blame for this but themselves.

They’ve put out a series of claims that have not panned out; yet, somehow, Americans are supposed to unendingly believe them. That’s not how real life works.

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