Centrist Republicans Move to Help GOP Regain House Majority

"American Flag" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Scott's View of the World

In 2020, Republicans came extremely close to becoming the House of Representatives’ controlling party. However, the GOP will have another chance in 2022 during the midterm races.

Winning enough elections to secure the House majority again is going to require preparation, work, and strategy. Thankfully, though, Republicans are already getting started. Last month, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with former President Trump in Florida, with both agreeing that Trump can help Republicans become the majority party.

“American Flag” (CC BY 2.0) by Sam Howzit

As 2021 plays out, other forces in the GOP are working hard to get Republicans back into the House majority. According to Washington Examiner, the centrist-right group known as the Republican Main Street Partnership is pledging significant funds to get Republicans elected.

The Republican Main Street Partnership

This month, the Republican Main Street Partnership announced its decision to put $25 million dollars into swing districts relevant to the House of Representatives. An investment of this magnitude is designed to get the Republican Party finally in control of the House of Representatives again.

Sarah Chamberlain, the head of the centrist conservative group, is confident that Republicans can win these 2022 midterms. Chamberlain explained that Republicans’ strongest features are policy matters, whereas issues such as controversial personalities can sometimes hurt the GOP.

Republican Main Street Partnership bills itself as a moderate GOP group that is willing to “work across the aisle”; however, the conservative partnership also hasn’t hesitated to call out issues that they view as problematic with Democrats.

Ultimately, while the Republican Main Street Partnership isn’t too gung-ho about personalities like Donald Trump, Marjorie Greene, etc., it remains committed to getting congressional Republicans into office.

All Hands on Deck

Multiple GOP groups, Republican congressional committees, etc., have announced their planned efforts in these upcoming midterms. While certain organizations may vary on little things, the common, unified goal is to get Republicans back in the House majority.

Should the House majority shift to Republicans in 2022, it will be a huge deal. It’ll show that the GOP is not dead and buried as some Americans believe. GOP wins in the House will furthermore demonstrate that the Republican Party has energized its voters and restored confidence in U.S. elections

In essence, how 2022 plays out for Republicans could be foreshadowing what the 2024 presidential election will look like.

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