Chicago Mayor’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Hits Stumbling Block

Democrats and their COVID vaccine mandates are facing an increasing amount of backlash and legal challenges. Right now, the Biden administration is being sued by 19 various states for implementing a COVID vaccine mandate for federal workers.

Meanwhile, leftist mayors and leftist governors are going all in on the mandates. They’re declaring any workers who refuse these mandates will be sentenced to unpaid leave and termination.

It’s very clear the agenda is to coerce folks into getting vaccinated; however, Americans are drawing the line and saying enough is enough. In Chicago, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot just hit a major legal stumbling block regarding her COVID vaccine mandate, Breitbart News reports.

Somewhat Good News for Chicago City Workers

Judge Raymond Mitchell of Cook County ruled that before Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police makes its case against COVID vaccine mandates, the city cannot fire these workers.

While this serves as a mild win, Judge Mitchell still ruled police officers who don’t adhere to the mandate can be placed on unpaid leave. It’s important to note this ruling is mutually exclusive to members of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police. It does not cover every single city worker in Chicago.

On Monday, Mayor Lightfoot declared this ruling actually solidified the citywide vaccine mandate she set in place. Meanwhile, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police states their goal is to end mandates and have the city revert back to arbitration and negotiations.

Law enforcement officers across the nation have sounded the alarm against COVID vaccine mandate. Even if police departments and other first responders lose a minority of their workforce, it will engender staff shortages and make it harder for communities to be kept safe.

Putting COVID Vaccine Mandates to Bed

Over the past several weeks, lawsuits and outright non-compliance are the tools Americans have been using to fight back against COVID vaccine mandates.

Over the next several weeks, the country will get to see how lawsuits against Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors play out. If Democrat mayors and governors continue to force vaccine mandates on their city and state employees, it’s going to get ugly.

The mandates are not popular, nor are they sustainable. What’s most ironic about some of this is the Democrat leaders implementing mandates that threaten first responders’ jobs are most in need of first responders.

These leftists act like city and state workers are expendable; these are the same workers the country called heroes back in 2020. Now, Democrats want them cast off to the wayside if they don’t take the COVID vaccine.

Do you believe the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police will succeed in taking down Mayor Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate? Let us get a look at your predictions in the comments section.