Chicago Public Schools Just Crossed the Line

For years on end, Chicago Public Schools has made headlines for its extremely strict vaccine mandates and other similar health requirements that had to be met for child enrollment purposes.

Of course, the public school system in the Windy City consistently argued that these measures were designed to keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID. There was zero tolerance whatsoever for deviation or non-compliance.

However, Chicago Public Schools is not taking this same approach when it comes to the children of illegal immigrants. In fact, Fox News reports that the school system opted to toss all of its mandatory health stipulations out the window in order to cater to illegal immigrants.

Chicago Parents Are Livid

Parents in the city are not pleased that while their children were denied an education if they didn’t jump through each and every hoop, illegal immigrants won’t have to play by the same rules.

According to Chicago Public Schools, the kids of illegal immigrants won’t even be required to show basic health records in order to be enrolled.

Parents understandably are saying this is unfair and inconsistent with the city’s previous claims that strict health protocols had to be adhered to for the good of the community.

If some people are exempt from these requirements, then there’s no logical reason for anyone else to abide by them.

Social Media Weighs In

Like parents in Chicago, social media has also weighed in, criticizing Chicago for the double standards. So far, the Windy City has made no indication that it plans to apply rules fairly across the board.

Situations like this are exactly why more people are leaving Chicago and the greater area of Illinois. The rules aren’t impartial and people are not incentivized to do well when they’re rewarded for breaking the rules to begin with.