China Shirks Responsibility

China Shirks Responsibility

( – In what can only be described as an outrageous show of irresponsibility, China is trying to pass off the blame for the coronavirus outbreak. Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, took to Twitter in an absurd attempt to accuse the United States military of starting the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. He even went so far as to suggest the US is lacking transparency in regards to the disease.

This escalation in the war of words between China and the United States comes in response to US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien calling out the communist regime for covering up the outbreak. In short, O’Brien claims that China has cost the world two months of time to deal with the virus by trying to hide it. Rather than stepping up and taking responsibility for their actions, China has decided to play the blame game instead.

Go figure.

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