Chinese Spy Balloon Worsens Tensions Between Trump, Biden

Earlier this month, the United States shot down a spy balloon from the Chinese government that was hovering over our airspace. Granted, the downing of this balloon happened well after it had ample time to roam around and collect intel.

The Biden administration has since faced backlash for failing to do away with this balloon the moment that such action was safe and feasible.

In the midst of all this, however, allegations of spy balloons from China surfacing during the Trump administration’s years in power have also emerged.

Some Republicans believe this is fake news to deflect criticism away from Biden. Nevertheless, these reports are certainly fanning the flames of tension between the president and his predecessor, according to Crooks & Liars.

Trump Allies Push Back

Allies of former President Trump are pushing back against claims that spy balloons from China hovered over US airspace during his presidency, yet went undetected.

Since then, reports have likewise emerged that some Trump administration officials knew about these reported balloons, yet didn’t tell the former president for fear of his reaction. One person who is alleged to have concealed this information from Trump is Gen. Mattis.

Trump, meanwhile, has taken to social media, claiming that any reports of Chinese spy balloons hovering over America on his watch are “FAKE DISINFORMATION.”

In further remarks, the former president alleged he has the respect of the Chinese government. Nevertheless, the Biden administration is sticking by the claim that these balloons did surface over US airspace during Trump’s time in office, albeit without his awareness.

What Happens Now?

Right now, China is not happy with the United States shooting its surveillance balloon out of the sky. Therefore, time will tell how the communist government reacts in the long run.

However, the US government’s reaction to China’s balloon may very well prevent more similar devices from hovering around US airspace. After all, if the tables were turned, China would undoubtedly take action to ensure that its own airfield was clear of spy balloons from the United States.

Meanwhile, tensions between America and China have been escalating for some time, with controversies over this spy balloon only making matters worse.

So far, some of our nation’s officials are projecting that the United States could find itself in a global war with China in the years to come, namely in 2025.

Turning down the temperature would be advisable for all parties involved, but it remains to be seen whether or not this is even realistic, all things considered.

Do you believe the reports alleging that spy balloons from China were hovering over the United States when former President Trump was in the White House? You can let us know in the comments area.