Chris Cuomo Reveals Shocking Details About Sacking From CNN

Many Americans can recall the firing of now-former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo back in 2021. Cuomo lost his job after he was discovered to have helped his older brother (and the then-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo) dig into information on women accusing the latter of sexual misconduct.

What really sealed the deal for the younger Cuomo was his decision to use his media connections to assist his big brother. About two years later, Cuomo seems to have landed on his feet, securing another job in the media.

However, the former CNN anchor is now revealing some shocking details about what went through his mind after losing his cushy employment, according to Fox News.

Chris Cuomo Spills the Beans

Per Cuomo’s own admission, he fell into a dark place after getting from sacked his job at CNN. Cuomo explained on a podcast that he felt “consumed” and wanted to take out himself and everyone else.

The former CNN anchor also revealed that he’s a “flawed” individual who made “mistakes.” After saying these mistakes happened for a combination of good and bad reasons, Cuomo stressed that he’s someone to learn from.

Finally, the news personality revealed he is not a person for anyone to idolize or put on a pedestal.

Throughout the podcast, Cuomo repeatedly reiterated that losing his job at CNN was a learning experience that pushed him to reevaluate certain things on a personal level, while making certain pivots in his career.

Reactions From the American People

It goes without saying that the bombshells dropped by Cuomo raised some eyebrows, causing many people to take to social media to weigh in.

Folks who aren’t fans of Cuomo honed in on the “kill myself and everybody else” part of his remarks. However, others rushed to the former CNN anchor’s defense, stating this quote was taken out of context and distorted from what Cuomo intended.

Amid the discussions, Cuomo himself took to social media, weighing in on the nature of how this quote is being interpreted. He then suggested the New York Post was intentionally twisting what he said.

However, Cuomo also made a point of noting that everyone struggles and is forced to deal with feelings of anger and discontentment.

Since leaving CNN, Cuomo’s found work with News Nation. Americans who want to hear more from him and see his coverage of breaking news can do so Mondays through Fridays at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Are you surprised by the information recently shared by Chris Cuomo? Do you think bits and pieces of his remarks are being taken out of context as he is now alleging? In the comments area down below, you are more than welcome to share your candid thoughts on the matter.