To be fair, this was expected. After establishing a precedent during the epidemic, now the elite presumably aims to enforce shutdowns for other purposes.

Global climate shutdowns are already here; if folks don’t react very vehemently to this, it is probable that we will soon see such policies enforced all around the western world.

The liberal establishment has always vowed to do “whatever it takes” to combat climate change and now we’re discovering they weren’t joking.

Restriction In Europe!

Over in the UK, inhabitants of Oxfordshire will now require a special license to walk from one “zone” of the city to the other. Though even if you obtain the permission, you will still only be permitted to move from one zone to another “a limit of 100 days annually.”

One would never imagine we would see this type of thing get adopted in the western world; yet here we are.

Of course, there are a few individuals noisily complaining about this proposed program. Still, one Oxfordshire authority assures “the contentious idea will go forward whether people accepted it or not.”

Conversely, France opted to ban altogether some short-haul flights in a bid to decrease carbon emissions.

If the French population accepts these new limits, similar prohibitions will undoubtedly be heading to other European states.

To “lower nitrogen pollution” in the Netherlands, the authorities will purchase and close around 3,000 farms. This is simply a tragedy.

We are at the onset of a historic world food crisis; the Dutch authorities have chosen that now is the time to close thousands of farms.

Concerning tragedy, Canada devised a method to convince individuals to quit producing carbon once their usefulness has expired. Assisted suicide has grown relatively popular with Canadians; the number of persons selecting that choice keeps setting new milestones each year.

The left would rather see people die than “cause climate change.”

Incredibly, more than 3% of all fatalities in Canada occurred by euthanasia in 2021, an increase of one-third from the year before. The trend is expected to continue since Canada is due to legalize assisted suicide for mental health grounds next year.

Deaths in Canada

If you are experiencing depression, Canada offers a remedy. If you have a physical disability, Canada also provides a remedy…

Christine Gauthier, a Canadian army vet and Paralympian who fought for five years to secure a stairlift for her house, was offered an astonishing option only last week, according to a tale that stunned the world.

In 2019, a Canadian official informed her if her life was so awful and she was so ‘desperate,’ the government would assist her in committing suicide.

The paraplegic former army corporal testified to Canadian legislators, “I have a letter stating if you are that desperate, madam, we may provide you MAiD, medical aid in dying.”

The phrase “medical aid in dying” sounds so sterile. However, it is ultimately the biggest shutdown of all because once you cease to breathe, you will no longer be capable of committing “climate sins.”

The rate of growth of dictatorship in the western world is truly astounding. What form of dictatorship will we face in the future if they can restrict travel and close down farms today?

Sadly, the majority of the general populace still does not comprehend what is occurring. Hopefully, they will become aware of the situation before it is too late.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.