CNN Data Reporter Speechless Over Historic Loss of Black Support for Biden

CNN's senior data reporter Harry Enten recently broke down a worrying trend for President Joe Biden: a significant drop in support among Black voters, particularly those under 50, as he heads into the 2024 presidential election. Enten, during his analysis on "CNN News Central," highlighted that Biden's support has waned considerably compared to his 2020 performance, with a striking rise in support for former President Donald Trump.

A New York Times/Siena College poll showed that Trump is receiving 18% support from likely Black voters, compared to Biden's 70% in a head-to-head matchup. This shift is particularly notable as it represents more than a doubling of Trump's support among Black voters since the last election, when he garnered only 9%​​.

If this trend holds, it could mark the best performance for a Republican candidate among Black voters in two generations.

Enten's analysis also detailed a stark generational divide. Among Black voters over 50, Biden maintains a strong lead with 82% support. However, his lead shrinks dramatically among those under 50, with only 62% backing Biden compared to 25% for Trump​. This generational split underscores a specific problem for Biden: younger Black voters are increasingly turning towards Trump.

The implications of this trend are significant for Biden's re-election campaign. Historically, Black voters have been a crucial Democratic voting bloc, and a dip in their support could jeopardize Biden's chances in key swing states. Enten warned that these polling numbers could indicate broader challenges for the Biden campaign as it seeks to rebuild its 2020 coalition​​.

Biden's declining support among Black voters isn't just a concern for him; it also points to broader issues within the Democratic Party's outreach efforts. Despite efforts to shore up support through targeted campaigns and outreach, the numbers suggest a growing disillusionment among younger Black voters, which could reshape the political landscape heading into 2024.

As Biden gears up for a tough re-election fight, his campaign will need to address these alarming trends and find ways to reconnect with this critical demographic. The historical significance of this shift cannot be understated, as it challenges long-held assumptions about the Democratic stronghold among Black voters and opens the door for Republicans to make unprecedented inroads.

For now, Biden's campaign faces the daunting task of reversing this trend and ensuring that the support of Black voters, particularly the younger generation, does not continue to erode. The stakes are high, and the next few months will be crucial in determining whether Biden can retain the backing of this pivotal voting bloc.