CNN May Soon Get Sued by Chris Cuomo

Several days ago, CNN officially gave news anchor Chris Cuomo an official boot from the company. This transpired after Cuomo used his sway at CNN to help former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (his older brother) weather a series of sexual harassment charges.

Before CNN officially fired Cuomo, they announced he was on an indefinite suspension from the network, pending further review. However, it didn’t take long after this for CNN to announce they’d officially canned Cuomo once and for all.

It’s also worth noting that Chris Cuomo himself is now facing a claim of sexual harassment from a woman who alleges the incident happened years ago. Of course, Cuomo denies it.

According to Newsmax, the former CNN news anchor is also preparing to sue the company, seeing as he wants CNN to pay him the remaining money left in his contract.

What Exactly Does Chris Cuomo Want?

Before his aforementioned firing, Cuomo had a contract that was set to last for several additional years, with about $18 million remaining. Therefore, Cuomo is getting attorneys on his payroll and making it clear he wants CNN to pay him the money that is left over in his contract.

With that being said, CNN is saying no deal. In fact, a representative for the company stated they have no plans on giving Cuomo a penny more, now that he’s no longer an employee.

Furthermore, CNN told the media about the morality clause that is part of Cuomo’s contract. This clause states the network can fire Cuomo if he does something reprehensible.

Therefore, CNN’s official position is they aren’t legally obligated to pay Cuomo what he would have earned according to his contract, due to the nature of his firing.

Unsurprisingly, however, Cuomo doesn’t see it this way and wants to get the funds. At this point and with all the negative press surrounding the former CNN news anchor, there’s no telling when he’ll get another job again.

What Happens Next?

If Cuomo follows through with his plans, he will initiate a lawsuit against CNN at one point or another. Nevertheless, the morality clause in his contract could be the very thing that ensures he does not get the left over $18 million.

Quite frankly, it might be best for Cuomo to cut his losses and move forward. The odds of him managing to get his hands on the money remaining from his contract are not high. If CNN did not have the morality clause on their side, then there’s a possibility Cuomo would have a fighting chance.

Do you think Chris Cuomo should sue CNN? Do you believe this lawsuit would result in a payday or a massive loss? Let us know in the comments area.