CNN’s Defense of Biden Goes Sideways

There are so many areas of American society that have gone wrong since Joe Biden got into the White House.

The nation’s energy independence is a shell of its former self, for starters. Meanwhile, the southern border is about to be even more overrun with illegal border crossings, thanks to the Biden administration’s plan to end Title 42.

Not once has the Biden administration shown genuine care about the impacts of its policies. The White House prefers to either lie about what it’s doing or lie about the underlying causes of problems Americans are facing.

As the president’s poll numbers continue to get lower, CNN has tried coming to his defense. Yet, this hasn’t worked out so well, as documented by Red State.

CNN’s Take on Biden’s Leadership

John Harwood, an op-ed writer for CNN, decided to come to the president’s defense in an article. However, this didn’t have the effect that he was going for at all.

In the piece, Harwood makes the case that all of America’s problems are simply beyond Biden and therefore not his fault.

The CNN writer says it’s not Biden’s responsibility that certain moderates are opposing his agenda or that illegal immigrants are coming to the southern border.

Meanwhile, moderate Democrats’ opposition to Biden is rooted in the radical nature of his agenda. Likewise, the president has made the southern border a magnet for illegal immigrants by removing the immigration policies that Trump set in place.

By making the case that Biden can’t control so many factors of what’s happening in the United States, Harwood gave credence to the argument that Biden isn’t capable of leading.

Already, this is the perception of many Americans, not just because of the president’s policies, but also his gaffes and odd behaviors, like extending his hand in front of empty space.

The Bottom Line

No matter how many excuses CNN tries to make for Biden, it won’t erase the results of his policies and choices.

At the end of the day, Americans are still paying many times more money for gas than they were during the Trump administration. 8.5% inflation is still crushing people’s bank accounts, savings, and paychecks.

When Biden was running for president in 2020, he ran on a promise of “building back better.” Life for Americans in every regard today is worse than it was before Biden took over.

Until the president’s policies change, he can expect his poll numbers to keep lagging, regardless of how much CNN tries to run defense.

What do you think about CNN’s latest attempt to come to Biden’s aid? In the comments area, let us know how responsible you believe the president is for current problems facing the United States these days.