Congress Called Upon to Debate 2020 Presidential Election Integrity

"President Trump and the First Lady Depar" (Public Domain) by The White House

When it comes to the management and outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Americans are far from unified. Countless voters feel disenfranchised and therefore discouraged from even voting in future elections; needless to say, this is a problem.

Yesterday, President Trump hopped on a phone call with the Georgia secretary of state to discuss Georgia election officials’ management of the 2020 White House race. Trump expressed various concerns about voter fraud and other irregularities; however, the Republican secretary of state merely dismissed these claims.

“President Trump and the First Lady Retur” (Public Domain) by The White House

Parts of the phone call were leaked yesterday by the Washington Post. In light of all the problems and concerns being brought up about the 2020 presidential election, Congress is now being called upon to handle the matter accordingly, confirms Breitbart News.

The Necessary Approach from Congress

Earlier this morning, Kevin McCarthy, the GOP House Minority Leader, called upon Congress to debate the proper means of conducting elections.

McCarthy interviewed with Fox & Friends this morning, stating that the 2020 presidential race wasn’t properly handled. Between massive postponed results and all kinds of fraud allegations, the House Minority Leader believes that changes are in order.

The California Republican then took the liberty of calling out various measures that engendered problems. Some listed examples include outdated voter rolls, mass ballots being mailed out to dead people and ineligible voters, etc.

McCarthy furthermore called for America to “straighten out” elections and partake in a congressional conversation about the integrity of elections.

Voting to Confirm Joe Biden as the Next President

The day after tomorrow, Congress is set to gather for a confirmation of Electoral College votes deeming Biden as the next U.S. president.

Multiple Republicans in the Senate and House maintain that they’re not going along with this on Wednesday. GOP members in both congressional chambers are therefore planning to raise objections with the votes from the Electoral College; these objections are going to be raised on the basis of fraudulent ballots, tabulation irregularities, illegal votes, etc.

Wednesday will be pivotal to the future of American politics. Not only will congressional objections be raised, but supporters of the president will also rally in Washington D.C. during these proceedings. President Trump has furthermore vowed to attend the D.C. rally on January 6.

Do you agree with Leader McCarthy? Should Congress debate about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election and the means of holding future elections? Let us know in the comments section below.