Congress Just Dealt Biden a Major Blow

Joe Biden has made it clear where he stands on climate change reform these days.

In real-time, the president continues making it his business to support measures that would restrict the use of gas-powered cars, stoves fueled by gas, and even trucks, to a certain extent.

These measures directly clash with the United States being an energy-independent nation, hence the rise of costs across the board.

However, the tide may, in fact, be turning. Breaking news from the Daily Caller reveals that Congress just shut down one of the latest climate change proposals that Biden was fully in favor of.

Stopping a Disaster Before It Starts

In the Senate, Biden managed to have his congressional allies approve legislation that would have required truckers to obey various regulations impacting emission controls, testing standards, and more.

Democrats were all on board with this, citing it as necessary amid the fight against climate change. However, Republicans sounded the alarm, noting these regulations would stifle trucking businesses.

While the Democrat-controlled Senate passed Biden’s policy, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted it down, meaning that it won’t be passed into law.

Across the nation, many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief over Republicans being able to avert what would have been another complete disaster for the country.

A New Day in Washington

Before the 2022 midterms, Joe Biden had the advantage of his party controlling both the Senate and the House of Representatives. That changed after the midterms, with Republicans gaining a narrow majority in the latter chamber.

Therefore, Biden and his allies in Congress won’t be able to just railroad through legislation on party vote alone.

As the left is seeing with this latest dead-on-arrival climate bill that Biden tried to have enacted, Democrats are going to have to work across the aisle in order to pass new laws.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.