Conservatives Losing Faith in Trump Legal Team

"Rudy Giuliani" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

For quite some time, President Trump’s legal team has made various promises and grand statements before the public. Representatives for the president maintain that he won in a landslide and will prove it in a court of law; this has not yet happened, however, the election is still not finished.

This week indicates that a growing number of conservatives are losing faith in the Trump legal team’s ability to make good on their talk and promises. On Monday, Joe Biden received the GSA’s approval for funding and space that will allow for a formal transition of power into the White House.

“Joe Biden with supporters” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

All of this arrives as multiple states continue to certify their election results for Biden, with others following suit. In light of the above details, Townhall confirms that disillusion regarding the Trump legal team is surging.

Conservatives’ Frustration with the Trump Legal Team

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio host, spoke critically of the legal team currently working on behalf of President Trump.

Limbaugh slammed the group for holding a “gigantic press conference” that surpassed one hour, yet ultimately did not deliver “blockbuster stuff” as promised. The conservative radio host then went on to state that “nothing happened” from the Trump legal team; Limbaugh is not alone in holding this outlook either.

Some conservatives first raised their eyebrows after the Trump legal team released a statement claiming that attorney Sidney Powell is practicing law independently, rather than under the Trump umbrella.

Powell, too, has made a series of grand promises, yet the evidence has yet to be delivered; she also stated that her lawsuit will be “biblical” and expose widespread fraud, but this still remains unseen.

Will the Trump Legal Team Deliver?

Limbaugh and other conservatives would very much like for the president’s legal team to deliver the evidence they claim to have; although, only time will tell whether or not this happens.

While the 2020 race is not completed, it is very gradually nearing completion. States continue to certify their votes on the heels of Biden’s formal transition of power into the White House.

The “biblical” results promised by Powell have yet to materialize while conservatives are waiting to see them. Ultimately, however, many conservatives are just unsure of precisely what the Trump legal team is doing right now; this explains the frustrations of Rush Limbaugh and others.

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