Consoler-In-Chief: Trump Comforts Tornado Victims

Consoler-In-Chief: Trump Comforts Tornado Victims

( – Earlier this week, tornadoes ravaged Tennessee counties killing dozens and injuring more. President Donald Trump took on the role of consoler-in-chief on Friday during his visit to the state. He’s already declared what happened there as a major disaster.

The president landed in Nashville where Governor Bill Lee greeted him. He toured the devastation in Cookeville, Putnam County via helicopter and on foot.

In total, at least 25 people died in the storms, 18 of which died in Putnam. President Trump told the families impacted by the disaster that “we love them” and said the state is “incredible.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has had to lend his support to grieving families. He did the same thing when Hurricanes Maria and Harvey struck other areas of the country. Trump has also had to console families of mass shootings. Each time the president puts his consoler-in-chief hat on, he does an incredible job.

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