Controversy Emerges Over National Anthem at the Super Bowl

This past weekend, many Americans took time to watch the Super Bowl. However, this sporting event was rife with controversy. Some folks took issue with the nature of entertainment at the event, along with the ads played on TV.

Major differences in how the Super Bowl was perceived also indicate just how much the culture war divide has impacted the United States. Now, one of the latest controversies over the event this past weekend deals with the National Anthem.

During the game, both the National Anthem and the Black National Anthem were sung. Many folks have since said that an anthem based on race is divisive.

One of the latest people go to viral in their reaction to this is Arizona Republican Kari Lake, according to Fox News.

What Exactly Happened?

During the singing of the Black National Anthem, Lake was seen sitting down, resting her hand on her face, appearing bored and unmoved. The imagery of this quickly spread on social media, notably by critics who believe the National Anthem alone should have been sung without an alternate version.

As the photo of Lake made the rounds on social media, she expressed her interest in hearing “THE National Anthem,” rather than the Black National Anthem.

Later, the Arizona Republican sent a statement to Fox News in order to further expand upon her position.

According to Lake, her opposition stands against not just the Black National Anthem, but also versions that would entail a “Christian National Anthem,” “White National Anthem,” or other versions that focus on specific demographics, as opposed to all Americans.

Americans United

The National Anthem is supposed to unite all Americans, regardless of their race, religion, gender, background, or other demographics. Hence, critics of the Black National Anthem believe the greater US National Anthem is ultimately what’s appropriate to sing and acknowledge.

Controversy is not dying down. In fact, some Americans have stated that a National Anthem which specifically focuses on one demographic over the other is comparable to societal segregation.

This feedback has been naturally met with other individuals who didn’t have a problem with the Black National Anthem being sung during the Super Bowl. Many people of this view believe that criticism of the Black National Anthem is nothing more than a result of racism.

Supporters of a National Anthem for all Americans have pushed back against the allegations that racism is fueling this controversy.

Do you believe it was right or wrong for the Black National Anthem to be sung during the Super Bowl this past weekend? Do you believe Americans of all creeds, colors, and backgrounds should be able to come together and sing the National Anthem?

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