Controversy Over Bud Light Takes a New Turn

Bud Light has been under fire for weeks, due to its partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. This partnership is one that many Bud Light consumers disagree with, thereby causing the company to lose profits and suffer a PR nightmare.

For what it’s worth, Bud Light has put out some statements acknowledging the frustration that exists. However, many Americans still believe the company is missing the mark and not truly hearing consumers.

Now, amid the fuss and the fallout, Bud Light is facing some new competition in the free market, according to Fox News.

Ultra Right Beer Arrives

In response to Bud Light’s widely panned partnership with Mulvaney, one Republican has started selling an Ultra Right beer. This new product is being largely marketed toward conservatives and otherwise disaffected Bud Light fans.

Ultra Right beer may very well be able to fill a gap since many people have vowed to stop purchasing Bud Light, both for themselves and their businesses. This new beer has been branded as an “alternative” for those who believe Bud Light is slapping their own customers in the face.

The arrival of Ultra Right beer took place just last week, with many conservatives giving it glowing reviews on social media.

Bad News For the Future of Bud Light?

All things considered, it remains to be seen how Bud Light fares going forward. There could very well be other competitors just like Ultra Right that chose to bring their own brand of beers to market.

The fallout with Bud Light comes amid a growing pattern of large, apolitical companies making political and social statements when it’s simply not necessary.

From a business standpoint, Bud Light certainly would have been better served by staying out of the culture wars and not attaching its brand to any controversial figure.