Coronavirus Cases Mounting, Despite Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates

When the pandemic first began, the medical community declared that COVID vaccines were the key to a return to normal life. Yet, with more than half of the nation vaccinated, the medical community can’t stop moving around the goalposts.

For starters, the efficacy of these COVID vaccines is questionable at best. The vaccines do not stop one from becoming infected with the virus; they also don’t stop a person infected with coronavirus from passing on the virus to someone else.

This comes on top of the reality that some people who are completely vaccinated against COVID have still been hospitalized and later died, due to the virus. There are no guarantees, whether you take the vaccine or not.

Yet, despite all the hype about the coronavirus vaccine, virus cases are still mounting, as Newsmax confirms.

The Current Status of COVID Cases in America

According to multiple reports, COVID cases and mortality rates have surged back to rates not observed since the winter period of 2020. This is occurring more prevalently in places like Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. It also comes despite the presence of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In several other states like Utah, Alabama, and others, hospitals are reporting staffing shortages and intensive care unit overloads. Of course, some of these shortages can be attributed to the fact that hospitals have chosen to fire healthcare workers not willing to get the COVID vaccine.

All in all, the health officials assert that America has still yet to fully turn the corner and set the pandemic behind us. In the same token, however, the healthcare community doesn’t really have a concrete explanation for why the COVID vaccine has not engendered the end of the pandemic as it was previously advertised to do.

This also comes on top of reports about new COVID variants, such as mu and delta. These variants are reportedly in a strong position to resist COVID vaccines altogether.

Backlash Against Sweeping COVID Vaccine Mandates

Right now, Biden is working on passing a nationwide mandate that would force businesses with over 100 staffers to make getting the COVID vaccine or getting weekly tests a work requirement.

However, Republicans and members of the business community argue that they will fight this in court since Biden lacks the legal power to do this. Meanwhile, Fauci and others have expressed support for more COVID vaccine mandates, declaring that Americans should be barred from domestic air travel unless they have the COVID vaccine.

Backlash against these sweeping COVID vaccine mandates is here. Recently, a lawsuit from New York healthcare workers resulted in a judge saying that hospitals must leave in place religious exemptions when mandating the vaccine.

The vaccine has not done what health officials said it would. Now, more Americans are fighting back against tyrannical mandates rooted in control, rather than public health.

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