Could Sen. Tim Scott Make a Run for President? Top GOP Leader Thinks So…

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On Wednesday night, GOP Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina delivered the Republican Party’s rebuttal to President Biden’s misleading and partisan congressional address.

Scott held Biden and Democrats accountable for creating the ongoing national crisis at the Southern border; furthermore, the South Carolina Republican stated that Democrats’ policies of socialism and government control are not displays of compassion, regardless of how much they pretend otherwise. 

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Sen. Scott’s response to Biden’s speech went over very well with Republicans. As a matter of fact, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy believes that Scott could possibly make a run for president in 2024, as Washington Examiner confirms. 

Tim Scott for President? Here’s What Leader McCarthy Says…

On Wednesday night, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy interviewed with Fox News.

While speaking with the conservative news outlet, McCarthy lauded Sen. Scott for “upstaging” Biden; the House Minority Leader then stated that Americans will be talking today about the possibility of Scott running for office in 2024. Later, when comparing a hypothetical Scott vs. Biden race, McCarthy explained that it would not even be a close call. 

In additional remarks both on Fox News and on social media, McCarthy lauded the South Carolina Republican senator for his remarks on the border crisis, the American Dream, and more. Many other conservatives have noted the strong contrast between the America presented by Biden and the America presented by Scott. 

Who Else May Run for President in 2024?

At this time, Sen. Scott has not indicated that he will run for president in the 2024 presidential race; however, there’s still quite a bit of time between now and then. 

Other viable prospects for the 2024 GOP nomination include former President Trump, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, etc. In fact, just this morning, Trump actually spoke with Fox Business about a possible 2024 run. 

The 45th president stated that he is truly thinking about running for office again in 2024. However, Trump also hinted that should he make another run for the White House, he’d bring on DeSantis as his vice presidential candidate. 

A Trump-DeSantis ticket is bound to be popular with conservatives across the nation. Many Americans would be more than happy to see Trump in office again; likewise, DeSantis has garnered his own fan base in the Republican Party due to his leadership in the Sunshine State. 

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