Counterstrike: Ukraine Drones Attack Russian Capital

Ukraine just came very close to getting rid of Vladimir Putin with a drone strike on the Russian capital of Moscow.

Kamikaze drones recently hit Moscow at the least expected time, attacking within “earshot” of Putin’s residence at the Kremlin.

A swarm of drones invaded the sky of the Russian capital as residents feared what was happening. Russian air defenses kicked into gear.

Is this the start of the Ukrainian counteroffensive?

Kamikazes Hit Pro-Putin Suburbs

Several Kamikaze drones headed for the luxurious suburbs of Moscow. It seems they wanted to hit Putin’s cronies hard.

In Rublyovka district, the attack caused damage and left some people injured.

This was a daring, audacious move that caused several drones to come close to points where the ‘boss’ resides and rules.

Some other drones were shot down in the vicinity of Putin’s luxury home and palace at the Kremlin, as well.

Footage has also been released of drones flying over Moscow’s wealthy western suburbs.

How Close Were They To Putin?

According to Russian journalist Farida Rublyovka, the drones came extremely close to the residence of Putin and others in his inner circle.

Some Ukrainian drones were shot down only 5 km away from the targets.

In January of this year, a defense system capable of shooting down missiles and drones was installed around Putin’s residence.

So far, it is not known if Putin was home at the time of the attack.

Alexander Khinstein, a lawmaker from Putin’s United Russia political faction, said the attacks targeted Romashkovo, Timoshkino, and Ilyinskoye.

Panic Grips Moscow

Residents of the regions that suffered the attacks said it was very scary and included several loud explosions.

There was a strong smell of gasoline, buildings were hit, and shrapnel was flying as people tried to react and protect themselves.

FSB intelligence investigators soon began to take over the area of the attacks.

Russia Responds

Maxim Ivanov, a Russian lawmaker, said this attack on Moscow was the worst since World War II.

Russia’s defense ministry said it was a terrorist attack by Kiev and vowed to strike back.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.