Court Rules Sheriff Joe Was Never Convicted of Crime

Court Rules Sheriff Joe Was Never Convicted of Crime

( – Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was one of the most beloved conservative law enforcement officers in the country. He spent his tenure as sheriff working to keep his Arizona county safe from illegals and other criminals. For that reason, for every person who loved him, there was one who hated him. That eventually lead to a conviction and subsequently, a pardon.

On Thursday, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Arpaio was never technically convicted of criminal contempt of court. According to the panel of judges, he was found guilty so that could not be vacated, but he was not convicted because he was never sentenced.

As a result, Arpaio will never have any other legal consequences related to the conviction. His lawyers wanted the 2017 guilty verdict vacated because President Donald Trump pardoned him for the crime.

The news that he was never convicted is welcome, but the court should have vacated the guilty verdict.

As for Arpaio, he is running for re-election in 2020 so he can continue fighting the good fight.

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