Covenant School Now Actively Working to Keep Shooter’s Manifesto Under Wraps

In late March, the nation collectively mourned when a transgender mass shooter entered Covenant School in Nashville and executed six people. Three of these people were kids who will now never get a chance to grow up into adults and live life as they should have.

Following the shooting, the public has largely demanded the release of the mass shooter’s manifesto. A look at the manifesto would reveal the motivation behind this crime, along with the mindset of the shooter.

However, not only have law enforcement members in Nashville been working to keep the manifesto under wraps, but the New York Post also reveals that Covenant School isn’t too keen on the manifesto being seen by the public.

A Never-Before-Seen Cover-up

Right now, it’s more clear than ever that Covenant School wants the manifesto of the mass shooter to stay confidential. Both the Christian school and the church with which it’s affiliated are asking the court to preserve their interests by blocking the manifesto’s public release.

Likewise, the school contends that the loved ones of the mass shooter’s victims also don’t want the public to see the manifesto behind it all.

Covenant School, in its litigation, even claims that putting the manifesto into public hands could reveal private details regarding the church’s employees and the layout of the building.

Not Acceptable

On social media, Americans are sounding off against the ongoing agenda to keep this manifesto hidden. At this point, people want to know what’s so wrong with the public having a look at the motivations of the shooter who claimed six innocent lives.

So far, there is no word on the manifesto’s likely release date. At this point, with law enforcement, Covenant School, and others working to bar the public from having access, the manifesto may never be released.