COVID-19 Budget Cuts Threaten Safety

COVID-19 Budget Cuts Threaten Safety

( – COVID-19 is causing serious problems in America. We don’t just mean people are losing their jobs and businesses either, although that’s certainly happening. The virus is also causing safety issues.

With everyone trapped inside their homes and nowhere else to go, domestic abuse is more prevalent. Victims of intimate crimes and domestic violence are considerably less safe in Memphis, Tennessee. According to CBS affiliate, WREG, a GPS ankle bracelet monitoring system was deactivated because of budget cuts.

The news outlet obtained a letter sent to criminal court judges from the Memphis Police Department (MPD) warning of the decision. The warning reportedly said the pandemic has hurt the “MPD budget and due to constraints” all of the monitors stopped working on May 1.

This is another example of why it’s so important the country opens back up. The economic impacts are far-reaching and possibly deadly. The Left needs to get out of the way and let America get back to normal so we can start keeping people safe again.

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