COVID Vaccine Mandates Hurting Businesses Big Time

Coronavirus vaccine mandates are continuing to run into issues. Earlier this month, healthcare workers in New York brought a lawsuit against the state for issuing a COVID vaccine mandate.

Healthcare workers argued that this mandate violated the Constitution since it lacked religious exemptions. A judge ruled in favor of these healthcare workers, declaring that the state cannot implement a COVID vaccine mandate without the presence of religious exemptions.

In New York City’s Times Square yesterday, hundreds of protesters gathered to make their grievances known regarding COVID vaccine mandates. People are getting sick of these mandates and even walking away from their jobs because of it.

Now, Fox Business confirms that COVID vaccine mandates are exacerbating staffing shortages for businesses across the country.

The Problem with COVID Vaccine Mandates

For one reason or the next, there are at least tens of millions of Americans who do not want the COVID vaccine. The government first sought to win these folks over with monetary bribes, free McDonalds, free donuts, etc.; when that didn’t work, the government moved to mandating and strong-arming the vaccine.

Sadly, some employers and businesses followed suit. These establishments began mandating that workers get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs. This decision wasn’t the wisest though.

Many businesses and employers choosing to implement COVID vaccine mandates are now experiencing staffing shortages as a subsequent result. People are quitting their jobs and walking away instead of bowing down to the mandate and getting the vaccine.

It’s more than apparent that trying to force this vaccine on people is not the way to go. In fact, if businesses and employers keep this up, they will soon face going out of business entirely, due to a lack of workers to keep the business running.

Therefore, these establishments will have to determine whether or not trying to force a vaccine on their staff is worth no longer having a business altogether.

Choice Not Coercion

At the end of the day, taking the COVID vaccine is an individual choice for each person to make. The folks who argue that everyone should be forced to take the COVID vaccine for the collective community are wrong.

In no world can there be a community without individuals. It makes zero sense for health officials and Democrats to feign care for the community while absolutely ignoring the individual rights of the people who comprise said community.

People are taking a stand and refusing to be coerced into getting this vaccine. Businesses and employers that have a vested interest in not shutting down permanently should select medical choice over medical coercion.

What do you think about businesses facing staffing shortages due to their COVID vaccine mandates? Do you believe this will bring these sort of mandates to a close? Sound off in the comments section below.