Crime Surges Cause Concerns Amongst Rideshare Drivers

Threats to public safety happening across the United States are not a joking matter.

At this point, everyone’s heard about the smash and grab retail robberies that are transpiring in blue cities across the country. These robberies have gotten to be so terrible that retail CEOs are writing to members of Congress and imploring them to take legislative action.

Crime increases come with consequences. Some businesses, for instance, are choosing to shut their doors in communities where criminals are able to run amuck and do whatever they please with impunity.

Meanwhile, Fox Business reports crime surges are now having adverse impacts on the rideshare field in different areas of the country.

What Going on with Rideshare Drivers?

Amid rising crime rates in different communities, some Lyft and Uber drivers are finding themselves being attacked or robbed. This has created a situation where these independent contractors are wearing bulletproof vests, refusing to take rides after dark, or declining to drive altogether.

When it comes to rideshare at this time, riders are coming back at a much faster rate than drivers. COVID already put a serious dent in the number of available drivers and growing threats to public safety are not helpful.

As a means of getting more drivers on the beat, Lyft and Uber are offering benefits, hiring bonuses, pay increase opportunities, and more.

In order to make their drivers feel safer and more comfortable, Uber and Lyft are additionally adding various safety features that are included and easily accessible when using the apps.

Similar circumstances are happening with delivery drivers working for companies like DoorDash and Instacart. DoorDash now has a hotline drivers can use in cases of emergencies. Meanwhile, Instacart is notifying drivers in the app about the safety of communities they’re delivering to.

All in all, drivers are very much interested in these sorts of companies passing various measures to keep them safe. It is understandable that no one wants to be assaulted, victimized, or even killed while working.

When Being Soft on Crime Fails

Democrats repeatedly insist they are for the working-class members of society; yet, by refusing to take a firm approach against crime, Democrats are leaving working-class folks, like rideshare and delivery drivers, to be victimized.

If things keep going as they have been, communities with lax crime laws (and therefore high crime rates) will likely find it harder to get delivery or get a ride from apps like Uber and Lyft.

No one should have to fear for their safety when they’re working. If community leaders do not step up and get ahold of threats to public safety, things will get a lot uglier.

What do you think about the public safety threats facing delivery drivers and rideshare drivers? Let us know about your views in the comments section.