Critical Race Theory Opens New Can of Worms for Democrats

Critical race theory is the latest disaster that the Democrats have chosen to hitch their wagon to.

If leftists got their way, every single child in America would be taught that skin color makes someone either an oppressor or one of the oppressed. Critical race theory would also condition children into despising one another and viewing every single structure through the prism of race. 

Democrats continue to dismiss and belittle the problematic aspects of critical race theory and of indoctrinating children with it. However, this is one situation where the Democrats should not have poked the bear. As the infamous saying goes, individuals living in gas houses ought to refrain from tossing stones. 

Clearly, the Democrats did not learn this lesson. However, just yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave the Democrats a much-needed, long overdue reality check, as Breitbart News affirms. 

The True Power of History in America

Frequently, leftists attempt to distort America’s history to suit their own political agendas; although, yesterday, House Republican Kevin McCarthy reminded the Democrats about the history of their own party. 

During a congressional floor speech, McCarthy reminded Democrats that they are still stuck in the rut of using race to define a person’s character; the House Minority Leader also reminded Congress that Democrats like Speaker Pelosi and President Biden praised KKK leader and Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd after his passing. 

This reminder came around the same time that McCarthy slammed Democrats’ history of favoring slavery, segregation, and the implementation of Jim Crow laws. Later, the House Republican declared that Democrats have traded in the aforementioned brands of racism for the racism that is critical race theory. 

McCarthy later noted that Democrats have not, in fact, overcome their past of supporting racism in various forms. Critical race theory very much proves this, regardless of the spin that leftists seek to place on the Marxist teachings. 

Protecting Children from Critical Race Theory

Right now, protecting children from the toxicity of critical race theory is one of the most important measures Americans can take. Contrary to leftist narratives, Republican leaders are far from alone in their pushback against this brand of Marxism. 

Many parents of all ethnicities and races have spoken out against critical race theory. Parents reject the ill notion that children should be taught that their skin color makes them oppressive towards others or oppressed by others. 

The left’s continued defense of critical race theory only keeps proving the points made by Leader McCarthy on Tuesday.

Do you agree with Leader McCarthy’s remarks about the Democrats’ past and present ties to racism? What do you think is driving the Democrats’ continuous support for critical race theory? We want your insight in the comments section down below.