Critical Race Theory Widely Unpopular Across America

The latest step in Democrats’ agenda involves the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

Critical race theory is a deeply partisan, Marxist ideology that claims every single social structure and institution is impacted by race. Likewise, critical race theory teachings wrongly allege that white individuals are innate oppressors, while blacks and other racial minorities are oppressed victims. 

Now, leftists and other advocates of critical race theory claim that these teachings are mere history and have an important place in children’s classrooms. Thankfully, conservatives and Republicans know better than to allow Marxist political teachings into schools; several GOP governors have moved to ban critical race theory from being taught in public schools. 

As it turns out, a new poll confirms that critical race theory is widely unpopular across the United States, as documented by Breitbart News

What Americans Really Think About Critical Race Theory

A survey run by YouGov and the Economist shows that most Americans do not view critical race theory in a positive manner.

According to the data from the poll, 53% of Americans classified critical race theory as “very unfavorable.” Another 5% described the Marxist teachings as “somewhat unfavorable.” Only 25% and 13% stated that critical race theory is “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable.” 

Partisan breakdowns of the poll show that while few Republicans and Independents view critical race theory in a favorable manner, most Democrats do. While only 6% of Republicans and two in ten Independents noted favorable views of critical race theory, 86% of Democrats confirmed their favor of the Marxist political ideology. 

The numbers very clearly show that Republican opposition against critical race theory is a win. The Marxist teachings lack widespread support from most of the nation, including most Independent voters. 

Keeping Political Agendas Out of Classrooms

Republicans are not backing down in the fight to preserve children’s classrooms from Marxist ideologies.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis famously described critical race theory as “state-sanctioned racism”; the Republican governor also pointed out that critical race theory will only indoctrinate young people to loathe one another on the basis of skin color. These remarks came before Florida banned the teachings of critical race theory in the state’s public classrooms. 

Classrooms are places for children to learn, grow, and receive an education; they are not platforms for teachers to share political views or force political ideologies (especially Marxist ones) down the throats of impressionable kids. 

Keeping critical race theory out of schools is a must. As seen in the aforementioned poll, Republicans certainly have the numbers on their side. 

What do you think about the latest poll on critical race theory teachings in the United States? Share your thoughts about these kinds of teachings in classrooms down below in the section for comments.